If you have a large bulk order of fabric printing, how do you go about it? You first source the fabric and then contact a fabric printer and haggle over print type and quality and obtain print samples. If not satisfied with the quality or timelines, you check out another printer. To cut a long story short, it takes a long time just to get the logistics right, which shaves away precious time from your actual need – getting those fabrics printed and ready to market. All that is history now, with With us, you can select your fabrics, choose or upload your design, and get your bulk order printed in no time at all.

The Need for Bulk Printing-Bulk printing is very useful for various order types. For example, if you’re ordering furnishing fabrics for curtains or quilt material or upholstery, you’d want them all bulk printed in time for your upholstery sales. Or, if you’re wanting to print several lengths of cloth in a given print for formal uniform purposes such as sarees worn by airline hosts, you cannot do better than to get it all bulk printed.

Our Bulk Printing Process-We first treat the bulk fabric with various chemicals to prepare it for printing. We then feed the design into our superior computerized program and set our digital printer to reproduce the design on the fabric at high speed. The advantage of using a digital printer for bulk orders is the speed for one thing, and also there’s no necessity to create a bond between the dye and the fabric to prevent overlapping. The digital printer takes care to see that the dye is applied exactly where it is required. In a few short minutes, we can handle printing of several hundred meters of cloth in our customers’ chosen design.


Advantages of Printing in Bulk-Here are the advantages you glean by getting your printing done in bulk:

  • You save money: The lower your per-unit cost, the greater your savings.
  • Consistent quality: Each piece of fabric will be printed exactly the same, as all of the units are produced within the same timeframe using the same machines.
  • Time Savings: Printing in bulk saves more time than if you were to select a few meters of fabric at one time and get it printed while selecting the rest.
  • Eco-friendliness: When you get things printed in bulk, you’re reducing the emissions of CO2 as there is less transportation involved.

Conclusion-At, we have bulk printed fabrics for uniforms, for furnishing labels, for fashion designers and so on. Printing bulk orders quickly is one of the main advantages of purchasing your fabrics and getting them printed online. Due to the fact that while shopping online, one doesn’t deal with middlemen and multiple points of contact. In just one place, it is possible to select your fabrics, choose your design, and get them bulk printed the way you want it.