The world of fashion design swarms with competition; everyone wants to get to the top and yet not many do. What makes some designers succeed while others don’t? It has to do with the ability to invest funds in materials, premises, shows and marketing promotions. Not every fashion designer is born with a silver spoon and Click4Fabric is very aware of this. This is exactly why we bring to youour most audaciously generous proposal till date – to fund young fashion designers so that they can use their talents to come to the top. Yes, you read right, now you can create your own label too.

Funding Your Fashion Dreams: Everyone needs cash to back their talent and support their endeavors. Finding the necessary funds to support oneself and one’s business at the same time is no easy task. In order to remain independent, fashion designers and retailers need to find resources that they can utilize towards their dreams. Investors don’t bother unless you’re a half-way big name already, or unless you’re backed by someone influential. If you’re a literal nobody with a big talent, without the proper funding your dreams will come to a close.

Bank loans are an option but again, banks won’t move an inch unless you can show some funds or manage to offer collateral. Dipping into personal savings is another option, but you’ll be broke before you can break even. So the question then is, how can you succeed while remaining independent?

Obtaining funds is harder in today’s economy than it was even a few years ago. Many fashion designers, retailers and fabric designers give up on their dreams soon and move on to other things owing to lack of funds. Money is the crucial loophole that stands between true talent and true success and this is the loophole that Click4Fabric wishes to close, by funding your dreams.

The Dream Funding Process: This unbeatable funding proposal by Click4Fabric is backed by reputed banks and allows aspiring designers to obtain fabric from click4fabric on a interest free credit period for as high as 30 days. What’s more, we will help you, guide and mentor you to create designs that are a benchmark and establish you as a brand name in the market. We shall be shortlisting candidates from all over the country and the shortlisted candidates will be offered funds to turn their dreams into reality. For more details click here

What Do Industry Veterans Say?

Mrs. Radha Mane, Creative Head and owner of the label 'Rozabel'

“Theinitiative by Click4fabric is commendable as for the first time someone is thinking about the talented designers with less resources. We have a great talent pool with us and initiatives by reputed brands like will help them come up in the success ladder.”

Ms Leena Dandekar, Fashion Designer

“Every day in my profession I see so many talented designers struggling to create their own identity in this big competitive world of fashion. I’m glad that is coming up with initiatives that will help these budding designers and give their dreams the wings they deserve. Keep it up.”

The Take Away: Do you dream of becoming the next Manish Malhotra or Neeta Lulla? Do you think you have it in you to create designs that define the trends? If yes, then what are you waiting for?Click here and contact us now. might just be the opportunity you were waiting all this while.