Fabrics Printing Online - The Best Answer To Economies of Scale-Consider satisfying an eager public, season after season, with the latest international designs and patterns in fabrics. Consider delivering these fabrics, tailored, put together and ready for market in various locations. Then consider the difficulty in sourcing fabric from multiple markets, physically managing the rounds till you actually get the fabric you want. Then consider getting the fabric printed, running a test print to satisfy yourself. It’s no longer possible to follow the traditional processes and still satisfy a newness-hungry public. What is the answer then?

Online Printing Is the Answer to Today’s Fabric Printing Needs-The traditional method of getting fabrics printed does not answer the need of the hour – meeting the economies of scale. Applying colour patterns and designs to fabrics is one of the most complex textile operations that we know. Relying on manpower to deliver precise treatments to fabric, dealing with multiple middlemen and waiting for days to get the final fabric done no longer satisfies market needs. Also, traditional printing methods are so time-consuming, it’s almost impossible to get hold of sample printed swatches, using traditional printing methods. So the end product might not be what you originally intended. The answer is online printing, using digital textile printing methods. 

What is Digital Printing?-


Digital textile printing has grown from printing designs on t-shirts to printing on large rolls of textile. Everything from upholstery fabrics, fashion fabrics, banners and signs are printed using digital textile printing these days.

What began in the 1980s as a possible substitute for analog screen printing took off with the dye-sublimation printer, which is able to disperse direct inks on to textile media, as opposed to printing small designs from heat transfer paper for t-shirts. Therefore, executing large orders is very possible using digital printing these days.

Advantages of Getting Fabrics Printed Online-When you get your fabrics printed online, you are dealing directly with the site, which rules out all the time wasted on middle men. You can directly interact with the site, for example, and input your request. On, you can even upload your own design and get it printed on sample swatches. Since digital printing is the norm of the day, you’ll get to see and feel your sample swatches printed with the design of your choice very soon. Once you approve the samples, your bulk order for printing will be executed very shortly and delivered to you.

Conclusion-When it comes to meeting the economies of scale, given the high level of competition in the furnishings and fashion design market, everyone wants unique designs. Seasonal sales are the norm of the day, with designers wanting fresh stock for every season, in the latest designs. Given the fact that last season’s designs are not considered good enough for the prime market, printers have to come up with more innovative ways to meet the economies of scale. And that means getting fabrics printed online using digital printing.