See What The Industry Veterans Are Saying About The Click4fabric Revolution!

blog-1 has revolutionized the way people shop for fabrics. Previously, people used to spend hours browsing a number of stores, both wholesale and retail, to get the fabric they wanted and the print and pattern they wanted. Click4Fabric brings it all together in one user-friendly, easy-to-use portal that makes shopping for fabrics a complete breeze! See what industry veterans are saying about the Click4Fabric revolution and what it means to the fabric industry!

1. Sajin Gupta, Fashion Designer “My life is made so easy now by I don’t have to hunt down fabric designers all over the market when I want a particular print or pattern. Nor do I have to struggle to find several meters of the same fabric for a series of designs. All I do is choose my material – silk, cotton, satin, poly-blends, cotton-blends – indeed, any fabric from a huge variety that’s available on I don’t have to worry if I can get my desired length, design or pattern. All I have to do is choose the design I want and I get my materials delivered to my home speedily. What’s more, some of my clients want exclusive, one-of-a-kind patterns on rare blend cloths. Click4Fabric allows me to upload my own unique design and position them where I want them to appear on the fabric. Then they send me a sample swathe and if I am happy, they produce as many meters of my own design as I like”.

2. Nikunj Veswas, Fashion Designer “What I like the most about Click4Fabric is that no other store gives me swatches of fabric so I can compare and decide at home. Sometimes it’s hard to determine which fabric will suit a design best. I’ll need to work with several swatches to come up with a viable idea. Being a fashion designer is challenging, and I am glad to say that Click4Fabric truly understands this. With several swathes of various fabrics, I can proceed to create my design and then get back to with my final order of the decided fabric.


It makes my life so much easier. Also the fact that I don’t have to run around to different stores allows me more time to focus on my designing, which is what pays the rent and which is why I am eternally grateful to”.

3. Sarwar Mir Hussain, Fabric Wholesaler “Click4Fabric makes my life easier because there are no more confused wholesale orders depending on customer whims. Click4Fabric’s customers know exactly what they want, thanks to the way the company sends samples in advance and allows for custom designing. So when Click4Fabric orders wholesale fabrics, there are no returns, unlike other retailers who keep sending things back”.

4. Altab Muhammed, Fabric Manufacturer “I manufacture fabric for various retailers and for the wholesale market. There’s usually a lot of confusion at my end as to what my customers really want. There’s no confusion when it comes to Click4Fabric, though. This company is always clear as to what they want manufactured, in what lengths, how many samples are required and what further orders there’ll be. There’s amazing clarity and I think it’s because of Click4Fabric’s incredible user-friendly fabric selection and customization system”.

Conclusion: The Click4Fabric revolution is being felt at various levels, right from the end-user, to the fashion designer, to the wholesaler, the retailer and the fabric manufacturer at the other end. Everyone is feeling the benefits of the way Click4Fabric operates; whether it’s an end-user after a few yards of fabric or a designer after exclusively designed swathes. Click4Fabric is here to stay.