Top Challenges Faced By Fashion Industry in India Today

Today, fashion retailers are faced by several challenges which are slowly eating into their profit margins. Besides the success of online competition, there are challenges such as high-retail rentals, inventory issues, and inordinate consumerism. Let’s take a look at what these challenges are doing to the fashion industry and why it pays to shop online at


1. High-Travelling Cost It is a big travel hassle to travel the length and breadth of the country just to get the right fabric for your design. Whether high-end boutique designers or manufacturers or even wholesalers; travelling all the way to other end of the country every time they wish to buy a fabric in bulk is nothing less than a headache. In most cases sending assistants doesn’t work too. The keen eye of the visionary is needed and therefore travelling is almost inevitable. This is where comes in. India’s biggest online fabric on demand website. It is extremely convenient to shop and get their designs printed online, without having to worry about travelling expenses at al.

2. Customised designs Have you made a request at a fashion retailer for a specific fashion item and seen how they whip out their tablets to check inventory? So what happens when they find nothing there? They lose you as customer. Click4fabric maintains an excellent inventory at all times, and can give you exactly what you want, since they don’t deal with ready-to-wear fashions. With them, you can be your own designer; just upload your desired design and get the fabric customised for it at


3. Consumerism Hyper Needs And Wants Of The Consumer The entire fashion industry is under pressure to offer their customers new designs. It’s not easy to fulfil consumer demands while maintaining profitability. In such a cut-throat competitive scenario you need a trusted companion who is ready with your desired fabric, in the desired quantity and deliver it to your doorstep with just a few clicks.

4. Sustainability Consumers are extremely aware of how brands and retailers operate with regard to their waste disposal, animal testing, water consumption, acceptable labour practices, and health and safety standards, human worker treatment and so on. The moment a brand’s name is associated to any of these causes in a negative sense, the brand will be affected and sustainability in fashion and textile is as it is hang on a thin thread. This cannot happen at an online fabric store like, as you’re in charge of the design, its customisation and the delivery. Moreover, the fabric is directly sourced from the best wholesale suppliers from the textile hubs of Surat, Kutch, Kolkata, Mumbai and Tamilnadu, so that the quality is never a question.


5. Risky Bulk Ordering Imagine investing money in ordering one lac meter of fabric without even getting a swatch? Yes, that’s what happens when you order on phones or even if you go and order a customised design, getting a swatch is next to impossible. But with click4fabric, not only you get exceptionally detailed customised design but also a swatch of the fabric before placing the order. This makes ordering bulk quantities so much easier. Conclusion can help fashion designers to get over all these hassles. For example, instead of relying on a physical inventory, fashion designers could just let Click4Fabric know what they want and in how many numbers. The exact fabric will be delivered, in the designs and prints ordered. Inventory and sustainability problems will be a thing of the past.