Top Fabric Trends to Watch Out For In 2018

2018 is here and a whole new sensibility has broken out in terms of textiles, fashion and everything fabric. The trends affect interior design, car upholstery and clothing. Let’s take a look at what’s hot in 2018 when it comes to fabrics and their myriad applications.


1. Intelligent Fabric: Technological advances will result in marrying natural fabrics with synthetic yarns and create new materials. This combines eco-friendly fibres with performance fibres, creating fabrics that will better stand the test of time. For example, merino wool is blended with high performance synthetics to create a fabric that won’t shrink, pull or tear.

2. Floral Printed Fabrics: From clothes to curtains to upholstery, we’ll be seeing a lot of floral printed fabrics, both small and large prints. Even if it seems a bit over the top, floral prints are back in a big way and they’ll hold sway all through 2018.

3. Recycled Synthetic Material: Yarn that’s been drawn out from synthetic fabrics will be recycled into material that can be used for a number of uses.

4. Performance-based Synthetic Textiles: Synthetic textiles programmed with a cotton base and a built-in performance to last longer and be used for purposes that require performance such as combat uniforms.

5. Cotton Velvets: Cotton velvets are very fashionable again, and in more colours and greater durability than seen before.

6. Patterns: The years of plain fabrics is past. Patterns will dominate everything, especially tropical vibes which will be a mainstay. Shapes and designs from the 1980s will see a return and upholstery will see a return to the patterned, brightly coloured scene that was prevalent during the mid-twentieth century.

7. Chintz is back! This Victorian fabric is back again, and the trend is to use the same fabric, as the Victorians did, on walls, window treatments and soft furnishings.

8. Bright Colours Are Back! Get ready to see lots of florals with pop colours such as shocking pink, orange, turquoise and apple green among others. All shades of green will be coming back in 2018, to grace our homes and our bodies. The ochre yellow shade, which is earthy and soothing will be seen in home furnishings and clothing. Fabrics will not scream yellow – rather, the yellow will be in flowers and backgrounds, brightening up the surroundings. People are getting tired of beiges and greys and 2018 will reflect the changing tastes of consumers.

9. Tassels and Other Fabric Details: Furniture upholstery textiles will be decorated with fabric tassels, intricate patterns, and delicate border patterns to textiles used for home furnishings.

10. Alternative Natural Fibres: Fabrics will be created through alternative fibres, such as plantain, soy and seaweed.

11. Bio-degradable Synthetics: Synthetic materials that are bio-degradable just as natural fibres are. This invention will go far when it comes to protecting our natural environment.


12. Momentum Fabrics:High performing advanced fabrics that offer greater protection to the body and enhanced functionality will be produced. These fabrics will be light, reflective and made of high compression, ultra-strong fibres. Think futuristic spacesuit fabrics. These fabrics offer UV protection, they repel water, dry quickly, have inordinate strength and more. The Take Away 2018 is marked by vitality. A new vibrancy is brought to fabrics through a marriage of colour and performance, especially in the sportswear and furnishing sectors. Textures, colours, patterns and high performance levels will come together to give 2018’s textiles a modern, long-lasting, technical makeover.