Sourcing the right fabric is a critical element to the success of apparel and furnishing businesses. Traditional sourcing of fabrics depends on dealing with several manufacturers and suppliers and spending a lot of time to source the right fabric with the desired design. Also, while dealing with multiple suppliers, brands find it difficult to build long term relationships which lead to the optimum balance of cost, capacity and compliance. Fulfilment dates go awry and costs vary from supplier to supplier while dealing with too many players. Let’s take a look at the challenges faced by apparel and furnishing brands while sourcing fabrics for their design process.

The Challenge of Sustainability One of the key challenges faced by apparel and furnishing brands is that the market is changing every day. Expecting suppliers to meet lower lead times while remaining price competitive is the tough call now. It is difficult for manufacturers and suppliers to remain sustainable enough to maintain long-term relationships with their clientele.

Lack of Innovation among Traditional Textile Manufacturers In earlier days, apparel and furnishing brands used to source textiles from a few suppliers. However, the huge competition in the textile industry has led to a great deal of chaos. Manufacturers, retailers and suppliers need to introduce newer ways of doing things in the market, with greater flexibility and innovation. In the absence of such innovation, designing new products will take longer, affecting the apparel and furnishings market greatly.

The Click4Fabric Edge

• Sustainability and Cost Advantage: It is tough to leverage lead times and cost advantages in the absence of loyal relationships. The answer is to forget about sourcing textiles traditionally and shop on sites such as Enjoy sustainable lower lead times, competitive pricing, 100% adherence to fulfilment schedules, quality and personalization of fabrics, all without moving from one’s seat

• Innovation and Flexibility:


We have vast ranges of textiles, in every fabric, colour and design. Brands can browse and select, shortlist, reject and browse again till satisfied. No more dealing with deal-shifting suppliers and lower time-lead manufacturers. What’s more, brands can customize fabric selection in any way. Not happy with the range of prints on our site? Just upload custom designs and we’ll print it on the chosen fabric. Customized fabrics look great especially if brands want to insert their logo on to curtains and upholstery. At, we take orders for customized fabric including specific measurements, styles, textures, colours and prints.

• Door Delivery: One of the greatest attributes of shopping online is that there’s no need to run behind the supplier or manufacturer. Our finished products and samples are delivered to customer’s door, which greatly reduces the lead time.

Conclusion: Owing to the versatile and dynamic nature of the textile industry, apparel and furnishing brands find that while cost and speed are of utmost importance, quality, compliance and capacity cannot be compromised while sourcing. Delivering the optimum balance of these factors is where Click4Fabric’s biggest edge lies, over traditional fabric sourcing.