It is wedding season and brides and their families are eager to find the best lehenga or wedding saree they can get for their budget. Prices go up during the wedding season – a lehenga that costs around 7,000 can cost more than 20,000 during this season. It’s the same with sarees. Without realising,you’ll be paying three times as much as you’d have paid for the same saree before the wedding season commences.  So why do people still purchase wedding clothes at such horrendous prices? It’s because marketers cash in on the wedding fever to sell overpriced dresses at thrice the original cost price.

Do you have an alternative? Read on…

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If you’re wondering how come we’re able to offer such great rates when the market outside charges an arm and leg, here’s how. We source the materials and the finished products directly from the wholesale manufacturer. By doing this, we bring you the best possible rate – the source manufacturing rate, no less. We cut out all the middle men – the distributors, the retailers, the marketers and so on. By doing this, we are able to bring you fabulously decadent wedding clothes at a fraction of what they cost in the market. This wedding season, Click4Fabric intends to bridge the gap between manufacturer and marketer, to bring you unimaginably great deals. Come, take advantage of our fabulous deals!


Don’t pay the asked-for price for wedding dresses and sarees just because the marketer insists that their goods are worth the price. The truth of the matter is entirely different. You’re ready to purchase overpriced wedding clothes just because it’s the season, and the marketers know that. Every player in the retail industry knows that people will be willing to pay when there’s a rush to fulfil obligations. And they will charge you more. Cut out all the middlemen and buy your wedding lehengas and sarees directly from the source, from You will save a lot of money that you can use for other wedding purposes.